​​​​     The Keystone Shooting Team was started by Jared Bender in 2016 in coordination with The Keystone Armory - a small Veteran Owned and Operated Gun Store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.  The store is approached often to sponsor individuals and events within the shooting community.  Being a small store the Keystone Armory wants to support everybody, but is not financially able to do so.  Jared was the first to approach the store with a plan that not only helped him enjoy the sport but also to promote shooting sports and the firearms industry. Rich Diller and Garrett Boop quickly joined the team bringing several emails and phone calls to the store complementing their attitudes and positive contributions to every event they competed in.  

     Since the Team's creation and due to the outstanding representation by it's founding members - the Keystone Armory has received numerous inquiries such as "can I join the team" and "can I use your logo on my Jersey"?  This lead to the decision to create a separation between the store and the team due to the inability of the store's small staff to manage a team. The Keystone Armory decided they do not want to profit from the team but rather they desire to give back to the shooting community and customers that have made them successful.  This began the phasing out of the "Armory" verbiage in the name of the team and granted the team the exclusive rights to the use of all current and future store and team logos.  Additionally the Keystone Armory offers in-store discounts on the purchase of items that help team members promote the team while competing.

     Team Members offset the high costs of the sport through the sales of team merchandise.  50% of proceeds go to funding involvement in the sport while 50% of proceeds are donated to insert Veteran and Law Enforcement charity. Team Members are their own sponsors.  Being a member of the Keystone Shooting Team shows that you support shooting sports while supporting those that made our ability to enjoy the sport possible. Team Members promote shooting sports by representing the team at events and posting results and photographs on the Team's Social Media sites.