Garrett Boop

 Age: 37

Occupation: Educator
Location: York, Pennsylvania
Participant in: 3-Gun
Years shooting competitively: 2

Sponsors: The Keystone Armory, Stand Ready Tactical, Invictus Practical.

Hello, my name is Garrett.  I love 3-gun.  It is, without a doubt, the best sport on the planet.
Although I only started competing in action shooting a little over two years ago, I've been shooting since I was a little kid.  My brothers and I wore out BB guns and pellet guns as kids growing up on a farm.  As soon as we were old enough, we hunted everything from rabbits and squirrels to deer and bear with our father.
My interest in competitive shooting started with a three or four line article buried in the back of a NRA American Hunter magazine.  The article opened my eyes to the idea of action shooting and 3-gun competitions.  It was not long until I found an introductory 3-gun class at my local York Izaak Walton League.  I was hooked before I finished the first class.
I practice almost every day and compete in as many matches as possible.  I have competed in almost every sport I have ever heard of and none compare to the difficulty and adrenaline rush of 3-gun.  
My strongest suit in 3-gun would be my enthusiasm and drive.

I am looking forward to the 2017 season. I plan to practice extensively over the off-season working on gun transitions and positional rifle shooting. I am also looking forward to competing alongside my teammates and spreading the Keystone Armory Shooting Team name across the sport.

Primary gear used

 Pistol: STI 2011 9mm

Rifle: Armalite M153GN 18” .223

Shotgun: Benelli M2

 Support Gear: Safariland ELS belt system, Invictus Practical Shotgun Caddies, Stand Ready Tactical holster and magazine pouches.

Rich Diller

Age: 40
Occupation: Medevac Pilot
Location: Lancaster Pennsylvania
Participant in: 3-Gun, Multi-gun, IDPA, USPSA.
Years shooting competitively: 3

 I grew up shooting and hunting from age 4 with Father, Mother and 2 older brothers. Learning to shoot, my primary influence and teacher was a Former US Marine. Learning from him taught me patience and precision from a young age.

 Years later when I was reintroduced to competitive shooting, I had to adapt from the slow precision fire I had learned. Luckily the patience he had taught me as well paid off. I was able to adapt to the fast paced dynamic shooting I now shoot in the practical sports.

 Like many people, I was introduced to the sport of 3-Gun by a friend that was competing. After just the first match I was hooked. The competitive environment was addicting. The unlimited variety of targets, varied layout of stages and changing terrain was amazing! I managed to win my first multigun series I entered.  From then, I knew I wanted to progress within the sport and push myself against other shooters much better than myself.

 My strong suit in 3-Gun would have to be my rifle work.

 I am looking forward to the 2017 season. I plan to practice extensively over the off season, working on shotgun loading and lots of pistol drills. I am also looking ahead to competing alongside my team mates and spreading the Keystone name across the sport.



Primary gear used
Pistol: Sig Sauer P226 or Rock Island 2011

Rifle: Custom Build. Includes parts from Geissele, Odin Works, ALG Defense and Bravo Company.

Shotgun: Stoeger M3K

 Support Gear: Safariland ELS belt system, Stand Ready Tactical holster and magazine pouches. Invictus Practical Shotshell Caddies.ype your paragraph here.

Jared Bender

Age: 34

Occupation: US Coast Guard.

Location: Erie PA.

Years shooting competitively: 3

Primary focus: 3-Gun, USPSA

USPSA "B" class Limited Div.

3GN, Unclassified.

Sponsors: The Keystone Armory, CGTLEA.ORG, We-Are NERD.

Hi, My name is Jared. I'm originally from Indiana. I have been in the Military for 15years. 

I began shooting at a young age. It started with BB guns in the back yard and progressed from there. 

I started shooting Trap and USPSA competitively in 2014. Focusing more time and training than I previously had.

I made the jump to 3-gun late Summer 2015. It is such an intense sport. Every match you attend is something new. You are constantly evolving and learning. And the competitors are some of the best people you will find, you can have a catastrophic equipment failure and there will be 5 people rushing to loan you their gear so you can finish the stage or match.

These days I split my time between work, My family which includes my 1 year old daughter who has more energy than a RedBull event and shooting and training as much as possible. The 2017 season my big goals are to make Master class USPSA Limited Div and be invited to the 3 Gun Nation Nationals. Short term goals are more top finishes at local matches and improve my shotgun transitions.

I am always willing to help new shooters coming into the sport, especially juniors as they are the future that will keep us going forward. Please get in contact if I can help you.

Primary gear used

Pistol: Glock 34 with SSVI grip job and trigger tune

Rifle: Custom build including parts from BCM, Stag, Vortex Optics, Mega Arms and Lancer Systems.

Shotgun: Stoeger M3K with Carbon Arms mag extension.

Support Gear: Safariland ELS belt system, Invictus Practical shell Caddies, NERD Pistol Coffin and R12Q Caddies